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About me

  My name is Sebastián but you can call me Sebas or Seba to gain confidence.
  Where to start? Let's see…

   Close your eyes and think for a moment what you are passionate about, what is that thought that makes you smile and make your heart race? you got it? ¡VUALÁ! Well, that's what Photography produces for me. Since I was little I was always captivated by what it is to be able to capture what you see with your eyes for eternity, isn't it something fascinating?

   I love all kinds of photography, from the portrait and its intimate moment, through landscapes that make you feel lucky to live in this world, moving to concerts and festivals where you have 10,000 or 150,000 people behind you shouting at the Once for that artist who at some point has marked their lives (including mine) and how not to land in one of the most important moments in the life of a couple, their Wedding.


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